- electronics components distributor

ACP trimming and control potentiometers
ADH TECHNOLOGY GPS, fingerprint reader, wireless platform, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, 4G, 3.5 G, RF connectors, sensors, lasers
BOLYMIN LCD, OLED and TFT displays
CNR varistors
CONNFLY connectors, cables
COSMO photo coupler, Solis State Relay, Reed Relay
DC COMPONENTS discreet components
DEGSON terminal blocks, boxes, industrial cables, modules with relay, heavy duty connectors, industrial connectors
ELF Logistic s.r.o. chemical preparations containing nanoparticles
EZENTEK passive components
FARATRONIC film capacitors
FORYARD LED, SMD LED, LED displays, LED tape
GEYER crystal resonators, oscilators
HAMMOND aluminum boxes for electronics, plastic boxes
HIGHLY ELECTRONIC microswitches, inductive sensors
HOLLYLAND fuses melting, thermal, reversible
HONGFA relays
HSUAN MAO connectors, professional cable
IQRF wireless platform IQRF
ISKRA film capacitors
JL WORLD acoustic innovations
K.S.TERMINALS INC. terminals for cables
KANG YANG plastic parts for the electronics, metal eyelets and pins
KERAFOL thermal conductive foil
KINGTRONICS trimming potentiometers, tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, electrolytics capacitors
KLUS DESIGN accessories for LED strips
KONTAKT CHEMIE chemistry for electrical engineering
LITE-ON discreet components, tyristors, triac
LOCOSYS GPS a GNSS positioning modules
LS MATERIALS UC cells, modular UC
MICROCHIP assortment of Microchip
MORNSUN AC / DC and DC / DC converters
NIPPON CHEMI-CON electrolytic capacitors
PDC multilayer ceramic capacitors, resistors, inductors
POWERSEM diode, thyristor, IGBT and MOSFET modules
RELPOL relays and accessories
ROCKET POLAND batteries, accumulators
SAMXON Electrolytic capacitors
SERVISOL chemistry for electronics
SHORI relay
SHOULDER crystals, SAW filters, oscillators
SUNNY power supplies
SWITRONIC switches
TAIYO YUDEN inductors, multilayer ceramic capacitors
TESLA ELECTRIC planar power supplies for harsh environment
VISHAY assortment of Vishay
WALSIN ELECTRONIC CORPORATION resistors, resistors array, MLCC
WAVE SHARE Arduino, Raspberry
WIMA foil capacitors
WINSTAR LCD displays and modules
WMEC ELECTRONICS ceramic and foil interference suppression capacitors, NTC thermistor, varistors, electrolytic capacitors
WOER heat shrinkable tubing
YAGEO multilayer ceramic capacitors, resistors, electrolytic capacitors, inductor
YANGHZOU YANGJIE discrete components
ZIVIC varistors, gas discharge tubes