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ECOM s.r.o. was founded in 1991 and from its very beginning has been focused on selling electronic components and building parts for electronics. It is a family owned business operating with purely Czech capital. The company's headquarters is based in České Meziříčí, a town located approximately between the regional capital Hradec Králové and the state borders with Poland. The company currently employs about 30 people in such positions as salespeople, technicians, suppliers, programmers, warehouse workers, accountants and so on.

Initially, the company purchased components from many distributors in Europe. Gradually, however, it proceeded to switch from distributors to purchasing directly from manufacturers. Most of the components the company currently works with come therefore directly from manufacturers, of which there are about sixty. Companies from across Europe and Asia as well as from the United States are amongst our main suppliers – for specific manufacturers, please see this line card.

Current main focus of our company is on purchasing and further re-selling of electrical components and electronic parts, in which it has become one of the leading trade companies in the Czech Republic. This can be easily verified by steadily increasing numbers of our customers.

The company owns and operates 300 m2 of office and warehouse spaces that were expanded by a new fully automated 600 m2 storage hall in 2012. Since then, both these facilities represent the base of all our operations.

We hold the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 certificate for the purchase, storage, sale and distribution of electronic components.

In 2012, ECOM s.r.o. launched an online store, which has been tirelessly improved and perfected ever since in order to reflect our customers’ needs in the best possible way. We also use our own company software, which has been developed since the foundation of our organization to meet the needs of both our company and our customers as efficiently as desired.

We strive to provide each and every customer with the best possible service and technical support. For this purpose, each our customer has their own salesperson specifically assigned to them to offer all the help, advice and care they need. Our technical support is provided by two qualified technicians who can provide the customers with any technical advice necessary if needed. Complex technical support, however, we are only able to provide for the manufacturers that our company represents.

Supplying our customers with quality components at reasonable prices and working hard to achieve their maximum satisfaction is the main mission of our company.